1. One Account Per Player
    - Each player is allowed only one account per game world
  2. Players Sharing an Internet Connection
    - There are only 3 accounts allowed per IP Address
    - Accounts on the same IP Address may not share resources or attack each other
  3. Bashing
    - Player territories do not have a limit as to how many times they can be attacked
  4. Account Sitting
    - You may not give out your account details to any other player.
  5. General Player Conduct
    - The use of profanity, sexual or racial slurs, obscene, harassing or otherwise offensive language in private messages, on the forum, as your user name, in your quote, in your signature, or anywhere else on our network
    - Threats of physical, emotional or financial harm
    - Abuse of the message system
  6. Selling and Buying of Accounts and Ingame Objects
    - Players are not allowed to sell accounts for commercial purposes, or for premium currency
    - Trades cannot involve more than one game world
    - Resources cannot be traded for commercial gain
  7. Bugs and Errors
    - Players who take advantage of bugs or exploits will be banned or punished otherwise.
  8. Bots and Scripts
    - The game is to be played only in a browser
    - No browser add-ons or applications that automate game activities
    - Off site tools are allowed as long as the don't collect information from players accounts
    - If you are unsure whether a tool is appropriate please submit a ticket
  9. Account Deletion & Banning
    - Accounts are deleted 14 days after inactivity
    - Accounts that have premium currency left and are inactive are not deleted
  10. Changes in Rules
    - Rules can be changed at any time and players must comply if they want to continue to play