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Default Alliance needs change

As a fan of the game and a as a spectator this round , i feel this game needs a shot of adrenaline. I have a few ideas in mind and i really dont think most of them would be a hard change for the developers. I'll start with just one idea and i think the most needed change. The alliance player max should be cut from 10 to at most 5. If my calculations ( based on presumption of returning players including myself for next server ) are accurate, that could give us 4 competitive alliances possibly 5. It would be good for the game ( keep players interested and coming back ) as well as for the developers because im positive more gold will be spent. Im sure this would be a quik fix not?
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Greetings TJ

So there are some major things afoot to upgrade and give a total facelift to alliances. I will share more after I get a chance to see what the game dev has managed to come up with but his instructions were to enhance alliances in general and help point alliances towards fighting wars in specifics. That was the direction he was given but I will need to see what it actually looks like before I can pass on much more.

More as I know more.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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Sounds good so far. Fighting more wars, can never go wrong with that. Thanx, Cant wait till you get more info!
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