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Default Why

Why was my post about JRR's gold removed... If that's the way this forum and game is to be run, I guess I will just leave. A forum is an area for open discussion. I'm all for helping this game succeed for a few more worlds anyways. Changes need to be made,but the DEV does not seem to care. Happy players means more money. This will be my last post on this forum. Take care people.........
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Greetings Stetson,

Sad to see you go. But in the past when a player posted unfounded accusations against another player they were banned for the action. I chose not to do that and did leave the post up for some time. My fellow Mod felt it was abusive and took it down.

You did not engage in open discussion with your previous post... you took information that was obtained by way of a game exploit and then put your own conclusions to it. And interestingly enough you never once bothered to ask me to explain the matter... I would have gladly done that personally on the basis of our past friendship and your prior membership in several of my alliances. Interesting that the thought never even crossed your mind.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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