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Exclamation To level the playing field

Just a suggestion so read before you comment

One way to level the playing field is thus: have a monthly fee , pay as you play, also when hitting rebs you can win items from the shop, and small amounts of gold, that way people can still get gold, and still the money rolls in, its one of the only ways that the game can evolve into a level playing field for all
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This would level things up. My question would be, does this game have a big enough following to survive as a fee based game.

Success is skill x time x money. The players that do the best have a mix of the three, but you can do well without any or much money. I finished in the top 20 in beta 3 without buying gold. This was due in large part to being part of a strong alliance, but diplomacy and working with the right people is part of learning to be skillful in this game.
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