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Map Icons and sending capabilities
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Old 03-24-2013, 01:00 AM
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Lightbulb Map Icons and sending capabilities

If you guys can could you put a icon on the map, like for someone attacking another city it would be a red icon with 2 swords over a shield traveling towards the base it is attacking, and if you double click on any battle icon then it would show a line between its destination and where it came from.

Also could you guys make it possible for us to send troops to each other? but there would be a limit for how many troops you send to a certain player. and there would be a green icon with 2 swords over a shield traveling to its destination (and it would be the same for the double clicking idea).

Lastly, a lot of people and I are always complaining about how we run out of food so fast even after our farms are upgraded to a granary and so forth. So what i'm asking is if you can make it possible if we can send food to each other. And there would be an icon for that to, it could be a wagon traveling to its destination.

Please at least put this on the table for discussion, everyone is wanting these requests so bad.
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