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Default Combat Ideas

The Combat System is abstract. Perhaps a more complex system needs to be in place
so you can perform tactics.

Have Ranks/Lines of Troops. Infantry, Missle Troops, etc. Too many times I have seen a large force get his archers taken out when there are sufficent coverage to assist them.

Allow battlefield tactis - frontal assualt, Skirmish, weighted wings (Left/Right)
Recon in Force, Probe, Fighting Withdrawl.

Defender can have options as well. Stand, Withdraw, Refuse (Left/Right), Feint,
Probe, Etc.

These can add something to the narrative and give bonues or penaltiies to the attacker/defender.
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good ideas... I would like to see anything in this area. I think more comprehensive reports would be beneficial as well. Either that, or basic stats on troops and interaction provided. there is an EXTREMELY basic description of troop strengths and weaknesses in the creation menu, but not enough to really plan tactics. Another thing - Scouts that could collect information would be nice. Sending a ram to get basic troop info. in a city is pretty crude and basic, but seems to be the best tactic atm. Scouts that could deliver different levels of information (or advice... maybe incorporated with generals to promote buys for 300g) would be something worth time and investment.
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