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Default Roads (With A Plan)

My idea is to introduce roads into DAW. Roads would decrease travel time (only between your cities)

Here is how I suggest on doing it ;

Building The Road
To build a road you need to build a "Worker Unit" you can only have as many as you want but only 1 can work on 1 road. You can also only build roads between cities you own and if either city on the road is captured the road is destroyed.

Building Resources + Time
To build a road it should use
Level 1. 200 Stone
Level 2. 400 Stone
Level 3. 600 Stone

How long it takes to build the road should depend on the travel time.
Level 1. 4x Travel Time
Level 2. 8x Travel Time (as if there was no road)
Level 3. 12x Travel Time (as if there was no road)
So if the distance between City A and City B was 2 hours
Level 1 Would take 8 hours to build
Level 2 Would take 16 hours to build
Level 3 Would Take 24 hours to build
How Much Does A Road Decrease Travel Time By
Level 1. 20% Less Travel Time
Level 2. 40% Less Travel Time
Level 3. 50% Less Travel Time

Things To Remember.
1. Roads Can Only Be Built Between Your Own Cities !
2. Roads Are Destroyed If One Or Both Of The Connecting Cities Are Captured
3. Roads do not need to be displayed on the map. A little icon somewhere will do

For An Extra Bit Of Spice
There could be a 5% chance of meeting rebels on the way. If you meet rebels you either fight them or pay them 20 of each resource. Fighting them will slow you down 5 minutes. (Simplest way of giving this choice as a tick box before you send your army rather than a pop up in the middle of travel. That way we wont go AFK and have our troops stuck looking at rebels waiting for the almighty decision)

Thanks For Reading

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Default Roads and harbours

Like the idea of roads, and having to use the right level of troops to protect convoys from attack by bandits/rebels. This could focus on which rebel bases to attack. Successful raids on convoys could make certain rebel bases stronger and so take more to defeat them (has been suggested in another thread). Could expand this by needing to build carts/convoys before sending resources, and a crowned royal heir could then take a convoy with him and his army when going to take a new rebel base to found a new city to provide instant resources.

Another thread suggested needing to build harbours and ships to cross the water. Like this idea as well.

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