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Originally Posted by JRRayder View Post
Greetings Lords and Ladies of DAWland

Unfortunately there have been a few bugs identified in the new World - World 12. We regret any problems this might cause you... but to help trap them and kill them as quickly as possible... please be sure to file a bug report if something unexpected happens while you are playing the game.

This is the quickest way to get the bug solved and to give the dev the info he needs to work on the problem.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
I'm sorry for acting like a jerk after the server just started. I should have been happy the server was up. As far as bug reports go, I did submit one about the reb issue. I just feel it was unneeded. I'm sure there has been enough reports for that issue.

The no raiding rebs is killing my OCD. I have a set way I start and this is causing issues.. lol When my foreman quits I might just rob a bank..
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