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Originally Posted by charles116 View Post
indeed, started a DAW refugee alliance.. not a lot of chat there so far because there is just three of us TTroutt, TobytheGood and I..and hard to see who is on line at the time...but, in my first beginners world I am in top 4 and maybe this weekend I go for my first win...will, get my two friends to join a same world soon and we will kick major far not impressed by the competition, we are much better game fighters...

I looked into in for a few mins and found it a tad confusing. I may revisit it soon as I have nothing better to do. I do have a slight issue with pulling players away from this game, but shall let the mods here deal with that... Wait what mods...

I'm pissed that we get no info on what the hell is going on with this damn game.
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